Hi, I'm Sam

I work on big problems.

My process starts with a blank slate and a clear intention.

I make a plan, based on leverage points and lean design.

Finally, I write, design, code, and build, to bring ideas to life.

What have I done?

Education: Graduated with a degree in Politics and a certificate in Creative Writing from Princeton University.

Film/TV Writing: Worked with actor Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains) to develop two impact-driven film projects.

Digital Copy: Edited sports media at Bleacher Report.

Digital Products: Led experiments in fixing the internet.

Climate Tech: Researched the world's best climate solutions and developed a framework for community climate mitigation.

Innovation Consulting: Managed an open data experiment with one of the largest trade finance institutions in the world

Product Design: UX and design for an industry-leading referral marketing software

Climate Consulting: Remotely facilitated a student climate conference, and created resources to help participants intuitively explore climate knowledge

Impact Consulting: Led collaboration between Mattereum and RoUm to create digital identities for original art pieces.

Climate Innovation / Product: Built an open online situation room for environmental challenges

Climate / Finance: Helped lead a group of 70+ climate/industry experts to deliver a sustainable investment framework for billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya.